Commit 8184103d authored by Jakub Jelen's avatar Jakub Jelen

sftp: Improve the documentation of sftp_init() and sftp_new()

Signed-off-by: Jakub Jelen's avatarJakub Jelen <[email protected]>
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......@@ -201,13 +201,18 @@ struct sftp_statvfs_struct {
* @brief Start a new sftp session.
* @brief Creates a new sftp session.
* This function creates a new sftp session and allocates a new sftp channel
* with the server inside of the provided ssh session. This function call is
* usually followed by the sftp_init(), which initializes SFTP protocol itself.
* @param session The ssh session to use.
* @return A new sftp session or NULL on error.
* @see sftp_free()
* @see sftp_init()
LIBSSH_API sftp_session sftp_new(ssh_session session);
......@@ -232,7 +237,10 @@ LIBSSH_API sftp_session sftp_new_channel(ssh_session session, ssh_channel channe
LIBSSH_API void sftp_free(sftp_session sftp);
* @brief Initialize the sftp session with the server.
* @brief Initialize the sftp protocol with the server.
* This function involves the SFTP protocol initialization (as described
* in the SFTP specification), including the version and extensions negotiation.
* @param sftp The sftp session to initialize.
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