Commit afede84b authored by Jacob Vosmaer's avatar Jacob Vosmaer

Use a domain socket for workhorse <-> rails

parent b74347e3
redis: redis-server /home/git/redis/redis.conf
postgresql: postgres -D /home/git/postgresql/data -k /home/git/postgresql -h ''
#openldap: cd gitlab-openldap && libexec/slapd -F slapd.d -d2 -h "ldap://"
gitlab-workhorse: /home/git/gitlab-workhorse/gitlab-workhorse -listenAddr localhost:3000 -documentRoot /home/git/gitlab/public -developmentMode
gitlab-workhorse: /home/git/gitlab-workhorse/gitlab-workhorse -authSocket /home/git/gitlab.socket -listenAddr localhost:3000 -documentRoot /home/git/gitlab/public -developmentMode
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