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    Add clarification points to using SCP style URIs · 13ea18d5
    Jim Schubert authored
    This addresses user-facing documentation related to repository
    On the repositoring mirroring view of repository settings, inputting
    either git@example.com:group/project.git or any variation of schemes:
    * https://git@example.com:group/project.git
    * http://git@example.com:group/project.git
    * git://git@example.com:group/project.git
    * ssh://git@example.com:group/project.git
    Fails on URL validation.
    This commit adds notes about the required format to the doc and view for
    repository mirroring. This commit does not attempt to validate the URL.
    see #47544
......@@ -8,3 +8,5 @@
The update action will time out after 10 minutes. For big repositories, use a clone/push combination.
The Git LFS objects will <strong>not</strong> be synced.
SCP-style URLs (<code>git@example.com:group/project.git</code>) must be converted to a URL format of <code>scheme://git@example.com/group/project.git</code>.
......@@ -139,6 +139,8 @@ enable mirroring (if not already enabled) and enter an `ssh://` URL.
> **NOTE**: SCP-style URLs, e.g., `git@example.com:group/project.git`, are not
supported at this time.
These URLs must be converted to the format `scheme://git@domain/group/project.git`
Entering the URL adds two features to the page - `Fingerprints` and
`SSH public key authentication`: