Commit bc1f851f authored by Phil Hughes's avatar Phil Hughes

Merge branch '49375-move-help-popover' into 'master'

Moves help_popover.vue to a common location

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!21011
parents 80c47f8e 4f4290ff
......@@ -4,15 +4,20 @@ import Icon from '~/vue_shared/components/icon.vue';
import { inserted } from '~/feature_highlight/feature_highlight_helper';
import { mouseenter, debouncedMouseleave, togglePopover } from '~/shared/popover';
* Render a button with a question mark icon
* On hover shows a popover. The popover will be dismissed on mouseleave
export default {
name: 'ReportsHelpPopover',
name: 'HelpPopover',
components: {
props: {
options: {
type: Object,
required: true,
required: false,
default: () => ({}),
mounted() {
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
import { __ } from '~/locale';
import StatusIcon from '~/vue_merge_request_widget/components/mr_widget_status_icon.vue';
import IssuesList from './issues_list.vue';
import Popover from './help_popover.vue';
import Popover from '../help_popover.vue';
const ERROR = 'ERROR';
import CiIcon from '~/vue_shared/components/ci_icon.vue';
import LoadingIcon from '~/vue_shared/components/loading_icon.vue';
import Popover from './help_popover.vue';
import Popover from '../help_popover.vue';
* Renders the summary row for each report
title: Moves help_popover component to a common location
type: other
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