Commit 6ed2434a authored by Daniel Axelrod's avatar Daniel Axelrod

Replace MR Description Format links

Replace links to the `Merge request description format` section with
up-to-date instructions on using the MR template built into the UI.

The `Merge request description format` section was removed in 2f7e28d1,
but links were left in the table of contents and in the MR description
parent e2e3f196
......@@ -19,7 +19,6 @@
- [Technical debt](#technical-debt)
- [Merge requests](#merge-requests)
- [Merge request guidelines](#merge-request-guidelines)
- [Merge request description format](#merge-request-description-format)
- [Contribution acceptance criteria](#contribution-acceptance-criteria)
- [Changes for Stable Releases](#changes-for-stable-releases)
- [Definition of done](#definition-of-done)
......@@ -262,8 +261,11 @@ request is as follows:
1. Submit a merge request (MR) to the `master` branch
1. The MR title should describe the change you want to make
1. The MR description should give a motive for your change and the method you
used to achieve it, see the [merge request description format]
used to achieve it.
1. If you are contributing code, fill in the template already provided in the
"Description" field.
1. If you are contributing documentation, choose `Documentation` from the
"Choose a template" menu and fill in the template.
1. If the MR changes the UI it should include *Before* and *After* screenshots
1. If the MR changes CSS classes please include the list of affected pages,
`grep css-class ./app -R`
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