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Clarify when JIRA service was backported to CE

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# GitLab JIRA integration
Full JIRA integration was previously exclusive to GitLab Enterprise Edition.
With [GitLab 8.3 forward][8_3_post], this feature in now [backported][jira-ce]
to GitLab Community Edition as well._
GitLab can be configured to interact with [JIRA Core] either using an
on-premises instance or the SaaS solution that Atlassian offers. Configuration
happens via username and password on a per-project basis. Connecting to a JIRA
......@@ -210,3 +217,5 @@ You can see from the above image that there are four references to GitLab:
[services-templates]: ../project_services/ "Services templates documentation"
[JIRA Core]: "The JIRA Core website"
[jira-ce]: "MR - Backport JIRA service"
[8_3_post]: "GitLab 8.3 release post"
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