Commit 13ea18d5 authored by Jim Schubert's avatar Jim Schubert

Add clarification points to using SCP style URIs

This addresses user-facing documentation related to repository

On the repositoring mirroring view of repository settings, inputting
either or any variation of schemes:

* git://
* ssh://

Fails on URL validation.

This commit adds notes about the required format to the doc and view for
repository mirroring. This commit does not attempt to validate the URL.

see #47544
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......@@ -8,3 +8,5 @@
The update action will time out after 10 minutes. For big repositories, use a clone/push combination.
The Git LFS objects will <strong>not</strong> be synced.
SCP-style URLs (<code></code>) must be converted to a URL format of <code>scheme://</code>.
......@@ -139,6 +139,8 @@ enable mirroring (if not already enabled) and enter an `ssh://` URL.
> **NOTE**: SCP-style URLs, e.g., ``, are not
supported at this time.
These URLs must be converted to the format `scheme://git@domain/group/project.git`
Entering the URL adds two features to the page - `Fingerprints` and
`SSH public key authentication`:
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