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    Lock helm charts to the VERSION already specified for each application. · 0cd76190
    Thong Kuah authored
    Fix up VERSION for each of the applications
    * There is no 0.0.1 helm version for jupyterhub. Use the latest version instead
    * `:nginx` is not a valid chart version. Lock the ingress application GitLab installs to the latest chart version.
    * Use the latest gitlab-runner chart to prevent GitLab installing older versions when users have been installing the lastest version
    Always install from the VERSION and not the database `version` column.
    This should fix cases like https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ee/issues/6795 in
    the instances where an install command failed previously, which locked the version
    in the database to an older version.
    Also, ensure that the version column is updated to the version we are
    Add specs to show how previously failed appplications will be handled when the helm installation is run again
    Add changelog entry
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