Commit 2c7ca556 authored by Jim Hefferon's avatar Jim Hefferon

working on inverses

parent f7fa8ddf
...@@ -261,13 +261,14 @@ qed=\qedsymbol ...@@ -261,13 +261,14 @@ qed=\qedsymbol
\newlist{jhitems}{enumerate*}{1} \newlist{jhitems}{enumerate*}{1}
\setlist*[jhitems,1]{% \setlist*[jhitems,1]{%
mode=unboxed, mode=unboxed,
before=\unskip{\hspace*{.5em plus .05em minus .02em}\linebreak[1]}, before={},
% before=\unskip{\hspace*{.5em plus .05em minus .02em}\linebreak[1]},
after={}, after={},
itemjoin={\unskip{\hspace{.5em plus .05em minus .02em}}\linebreak[1]}, itemjoin={\unskip{\hspace{.5em plus .05em minus .02em}}\linebreak[1]},
label={ (\roman*)}, label={ (\roman*)},
} }
\newenvironment{items}{% \newenvironment{items}{%
\begin{jhitems} \begin{jhitems}%
}{% }{%
\end{jhitems} \end{jhitems}
} }
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