Commit 934f6247 authored by Jim Hefferon's avatar Jim Hefferon

adjust title page

parent 485d8127
\ProvidesPackage{bookjh}[2001/05/24 Material for _Linear Algebra_ (JH)]
\ProvidesPackage{bookjhconcrete}[2001/05/24 Material for _Linear Algebra_ (JH)]
%% bookjh.sty
......@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@
% Are printing a hard copy or not?
% set the default by uncommenting one or the other
% \booltrue{hardcopybool}
\boolfalse{hardcopybool} % the default
% \boolfalse{hardcopybool} % the default
% You can cause guidelines to be shown by invoking with
% pdflatex "\def\hardcopy{}\input{book}"
% See
......@@ -8,11 +8,12 @@
\titlepagetext{36}{Linear Algebra} \\[.35in]
\titlepagetext{18}{Jim Hef{}feron}
\titlepagetext{18}{Jim Hef{}feron} \\[.05in]
\titlepagetext{18}{Saint Michael's College}
Edition: \input{publicationdate} \\
See: \texttt{}
Third edition, \input{publicationdate} \\
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