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......@@ -3754,6 +3754,7 @@ clearer idea then we will go with it.
We finish this section by considering how to represent the
inverse of a linear map.
......@@ -3850,7 +3851,7 @@ if \( HG \) is the identity.
A matrix $H$ with a two-sided inverse is an \definend{invertible matrix}.
That two-sided inverse is
\definend{the inverse matrix}\index{inverse} and
is denoted \( H^{-1} \).
is denoted \( H^{-1} \).\index{matrix!inverse, definition}
Because of the correspondence between linear maps and matrices,
......@@ -5195,7 +5196,7 @@ elementary real number system can be interesting and useful.
(\( A \) is singular if \( k=0 \)).
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