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Add a little po4a POC

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# Author: Jean-Baptiste Holcroft (jibecfed) <>
# This file produce a po4a config file and run po4a
# po4a update all pot, po and publish content
# po4a:
# po4a general help:
# po4a configuration file:
# What directory is to scan
dir="." # no trailing slash
# [po4a_langs] Enable fr lang code
# [po4a_paths] Make a global pot named "wikipedia" file for all files found,
# store it in a 'po' directory and create a '$lang' sub-dir for each language
# Note, if we want one po file per source file: s/wikipedia/$master/
# [options] publish a translated file, whatever the translation level
cat >$PO4ACONF <<'EOT'
[po4a_langs] fr
[po4a_paths] pot/wikipedia.pot $lang:po/$lang.po
[options] opt:"-k 0"
# for every txt file we find, pass it to po4a
for file in $( find -L $dir -name "*.txt" ); do
# update list of file to translate
echo "[type: text] $file \$lang:publish/\$lang/$file"
echo "[type: text] $file \$lang:publish/\$lang/$file" >> $PO4ACONF
# generate po files and generate translated content
# one run is sufficient for generating pot, update po files and publish content
po4a $PO4ACONF \
--package-name "I love package names" \
--package-version `date +%Y%m%d`\
--msgid-bugs-address \
--master-charset utf8 \
[po4a_langs] fr
[po4a_paths] pot/wikipedia.pot $lang:po/$lang.po
[options] opt:"-k 0"
[type: text] ./description.txt $lang:publish/$lang/./description.txt
[type: text] ./summary.txt $lang:publish/$lang/./summary.txt
[type: text] ./name.txt $lang:publish/$lang/./name.txt
[type: text] ./changelogs/194.txt $lang:publish/$lang/./changelogs/194.txt
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