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test commit

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......@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@
date : 03-Apr-2015
description: Create form to get the data and send to the functions
Update by : Jhon Edison Gomez
date : 05-Apr-2015
description: Test commit
<!---import of libraries--->
<cfinclude template="Functions.cfm" />
<!--get the sentence to use the regular expresion functions---->
<cfset sentence = "hello, my name, is jhon,">
<cfset value = resplitExample(sentence)>
<cfset length = arrayLen(value)>
this is the original sentence: #sentence#<br>
this is the new sentence:
<!---print the result to resplitExample function, this return an array --->
<cfloop from="1" index="index" to="#length#">
<!---RERplace function--->
<cfset value = replaceExample(sentence)>
this is the original sentence: #sentence#<br>
this is the new sentence: #value#
<cfset value = findExample("hello",sentence)>
the position in the sentence is :#value#
<cfset mydata = 'some string with "the first data i want" and "the second data i want"'/>
<cfset matches = REMatch('"([^"]*)"', mydata) />
<cfdump var="#matches#" label="Example REMatch" />
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