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Strip -save-temps when -P is provided

Closes #16
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......@@ -179,6 +179,18 @@ being set (at worst falling back to nil if passed \"intel\")."
:type 'boolean
:safe 'booleanp
:group 'rmsbolt)
(defcustom rmsbolt-flag-quirks t
"Whether to tweak flags to enable as many features as possible.
In most cases, we will try to honor flags in rmsbolt-command as
much as possible. However, some features may be disabled with
some odd combinations of flags. This variable controls
removing/adding flags to handle those cases.
Note that basic flags to ensure basic usage are always modified."
:type 'boolean
:safe 'booleanp
:group 'rmsbolt)
;;;; Faces
......@@ -383,6 +395,16 @@ Return value is quoted for passing to the shell."
;;;; Language Functions
;;;;; Compile Commands
(defun rmsbolt--c-quirks (cmd &key src-buffer)
"Handle quirks in CMD, and return unchanged or modified CMD.
Use SRC-BUFFER as buffer for local variables."
(if (and (buffer-local-value 'rmsbolt-flag-quirks src-buffer)
(string-match-p (rx "-save-temps") cmd)
(string-match-p (rx "-P") cmd))
(rmsbolt-split-rm-single cmd "-save-temps")
(cl-defun rmsbolt--c-compile-cmd (&key src-buffer)
"Process a compile command for gcc/clang."
......@@ -406,7 +428,8 @@ Return value is quoted for passing to the shell."
(when (and (not (booleanp asm-format))
(not disass))
(concat "-masm=" asm-format)))
" ")))
" "))
(cmd (rmsbolt--c-quirks cmd :src-buffer src-buffer)))
(cl-defun rmsbolt--ocaml-compile-cmd (&key src-buffer)
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