Verified Commit bb5eadb6 authored by Jay Kamat's avatar Jay Kamat

Make images clickable again

fix a bug in ox-twbs in org 9
parent 75c005c7
......@@ -247,6 +247,15 @@ representation for the files to include, as returned by
(org-set-property "RSS_PERMALINK" rss-permalink))))
;; Make org-twbs links clickable...
(defun org-twbs--format-image-wrap (fun source attributes info)
"Wrap org-twbs--format-image to make all images clickable."
"<a href=\"%s\">%s</a>"
(apply fun `(,source ,attributes ,info))))
(advice-add 'org-twbs--format-image :around #'org-twbs--format-image-wrap)
(provide 'jgkamat-website)
;;; jgkamat-website.el ends here
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