systraybrowser is a systray app that can display a webpage

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systraybrowser is a system tray application with a window for displaying a single webpage or JavaScript 'webapp'.


systraybrowser is written in Vala, so make sure the vala compiler is installed on your system. Also, systraybrowser use Gtk3 and webkit. Since vala does not ship with a webkitgtk3 vapi file (needed for compiling), it will be necessary to move the included .deps and .vapi files to the vala vapi directory.

  • as root, cp 'webkitgtk-3.0.deps' and 'webkitgtk-3.0.vapi' to /usr/share/vala-X.Y/vapi/

When you are ready to compile, run ./build.sh


systraybrowser will try to load a webpage named index.html from ./www
or /usr/local/share/systraybrowser/www
or /usr/share/systraybrowser/www

Getting Fancy

The path that is searched for index.html file is dependent upon the config.vala file's PACKAGE_NAME. By changing the PACKAGE_NAME before compiling, it is possible to search a different directory.

For Example: Suppose a developer created a nifty javascript app named Yozer. By setting the PACKAGE_NAME to 'yozer', the compiled application will look for the index.html file in
or /usr/local/share/yozer/www
or /usr/share/yozer/www

Tips for Devs

passing an icon from the rendered webpage to systraybrowser

systraybrowser doesn't have an icon. The icon is to be provided by the index.html's javascript as the text of an svg. To pass the svg text, in javascript run

console.log("SVG_STRING::<svg xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg' width='120' height='120'><path fill-opacity='0' stroke='#111' stroke-width='30' d='M 59.99083470583372 15.000000933362422 A 45 45 0 1 1 59.93749590278678 15.000043408489475 Z' </path></svg>");

passing hover text for the tray icon

Similar to passing an icon, hover text can also be passed from the javascript to systraybrowser by calling

console.log("HOVER_TEXT::Hey buddy! How's it going?")