Orb is a python application that controls WS2801 RGB LEDs over SPI, and accepts commands via MQTT

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Orb is a MQTT client that listens for commands that will then control a ws2801 pixel LED.

See http://jezra.net/post/2017-01-02_another_orb_device.html and http://www.jezra.net/blog/orb for an example usage. :)


python Paho python library for MQTT

Setup and configure

  1. mv settings.tmp.py to settings.py
  2. edit settings.py to match your MQTT broker and topic needs
  3. run ./orb.py


Orb listens for a MQTT message string containing ACTION (/ HEXCOLOR) (/VARS) commands. HEXCOLOR should be in RRGGBB format.

Turning the Orb on or off

Off: "off"
On: "on"

Setting the orb a solid color

Off: "color/000000"
Red: "color/FF0000"
Green: "color/00FF00"
Blue: "color/0000FF"
Pumpkin Orange: color/F87217

Interrupting the current color with an alert flash

Red: "alert/FF0000"
Green: "alert/00FF00"
Blue: "alert/0000FF"

By default, the orb will flash the alert color 5 times and then return to the previous color.

Set the number of flashes in an alert

Red: "alert/0000FF/25"

Blinking a certain color continuously

Red: "blink/FF0000"

By default, blink will cycle between .5 seconds of the HEXCOLOR and .5 seconds of Off (000000).

Set the time a blink color is on in seconds

On for .1 seconds Pumpkin Orange: blink/F87217/.1

On for 2 seconds Blue: "blink/0000FF/2"

set the time a blink color is on and off

on for .1 seconds, off for .75 seconds Blue: "blink/0000FF/.1/.75"

Fading to a certain color

Blue: "fade/0000FF"

Default fade time is 3 seconds

Fade over a number of seconds

Off: "fade/000000/120" oh, the movie is starting :)