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Boot device with USB connected. Hookup to a terminal emulator, Bluetooth
terminal emulator or Telnet over WiFi.
ESP32 / Arduino firmware as a fast CANbus access gateway for the CanZE app. See Wiki for documentation
a: Show all buffered free CAN_frames
gxxx: Get free frame with id xxx
ixxx,yyyy: Get ISO-TP frame with id xxx, PID yyyy.
nxxx,config: set EEPROM configuration
xxx config
=== =======================================================================
100 Set the flags configuration as hex as ssbbwwlldd (01010200ff)
ss: Serial over USB
00 for off, any other for on
bb: Bluetooth
00 for off, any other for on
ww: WiFi
00 for off, 01 for Station mode, 02 for Soft Access Point mode
For station mode a DHCP server is assumed
ll: Use leds
00 for off, 01 for single, ff for on
dd: Debug
00 for off, ff for on. A bit pattern can be used and added
01: show CANbus receive free CAN_frame_std
02: show CANbus receive ISO-TP CAN_frame_std
04: show Commands issued
08: show free frame Commands
10: show ISO-TP Commands
101 Get the flags
200 Set the Bluetooth name (CANSee)
201 Set the Bluetooth pin (1234, not implemented by the API!!)
300 Set the WiFi ssid for Soft Access Point mode (CANSee)
301 Set the WiFi password for Soft Access Point mode (CANSeeMe)
400 Set the WiFi ssid for Station mode (Home)
401 Set the WiFi password for Station mode (Password)
500 Set CANbus parameter for can0 in hex as sprxtx
sp: speed in 25 kbps increments. (0x14 for can0, 0x0a for can1)
rx: Rx pin of transceiver (4 for can0, 0x12 for can1)
tx: Tx pin of transceiver (5 for can0, 0x13 for can1)
Note that this is a very advanced setting and selecting pins that are
internally used on your board (notably 6-11) will crash the board. Also
pins 34 and up are input only.
501 Set CANbus parameter for can1 in hex as sprxtx (see above).
Usage of the semi-secondary CANbus by switching the single controller to
another pin pair is not supported and basically fails spectacularly.
z: Reboot (needed for all configuration changes except debug mode)
Defaults are shown in parenthesis. Defaults are used, when no invalid
configuration is in the EEPROM.
The device can be forced to defaults by pressing BUT (GPIO0) within half a
second of resetting the device.
Note: For ISO-TP: a multiframe message can be received but commands are now
only supported in single frame, so a maximum of 6 bytes
For maximum speed use n100,0001000000 (Android) or n100,0000020000 (iOS)
Build the firmware using PlatformIO with either Atom or VSCode and the PlaformIO plugin
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