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      Update schedule object with generated id · a5a873eb
      jens stein authored
      So that the tag set on the views correspond to the generated id and not
      the temporary id 0 which was set on the schedule to begin with.
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      Use a sparse array for handling generated views · 0e5b9b74
      jens stein authored
      Because the schedule ids in the preferences-backed logic are always in a
      range without gaps the old implementation where views are stored in a
      list works since ids and list indices correspond automatically.
      The schedule ids in the database-backed logic on the other hand will not
      have that relationship to the list indices since there will be gaps
      between assigned ids when entities are deleted in the database.
      Therefore a map is more suitable for storing the views in the future.
      This change exposes the problem where the `long` ids have to be cast to
      `int` to fit into some of the AlarmManager methods later in the flow.
      This will probably never be a problem in actual use cases (since you can
      add and remove schedules a _lot_ of times before the long cannot be cast
      to an int any longer) but should still be fixed.
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      Add methods to delete single schedule · d5a30d55
      jens stein authored
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      Add ui-building task for new db-backed schedules · 4bbb4646
      jens stein authored
      Since inserting into the database requires io operations it must be done
      on a thread separate from the ui thread.
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      Add private constructor to database helper · 48f11bf6
      jens stein authored
      Because it's not meant to be instantiated.
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      Declare sql exception thrown on inserts · 64ea0eef
      jens stein authored
      Even if android.database.SQLException is a runtime exception it's
      declared here to be sure it's caught everywhere a schedule is inserted.
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