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date: "2017-04-25"
title: "Longhorn Band 1990"
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music: "Longhorn Band"
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In the Fall of 1990, I began my journey at the University of Texas at Austin. An integral part of my experience was when I joined the Longhorn Band. In 1990, I was just a little "fish", but made friends that I will have for the rest of my life. I consider many of my fellow LHB mates almost family. These were the people who helped me adjust to life in a big city, get over my first experience with alcohol, and not be afraid of being on the center stage.
The first show was the 1990 UT versus Colorado show that included Flight of the Bumblebee and Back to the Future Part 3.
{{< youtube YPg4__gUIZ8 >}}
(more to come. I'm testing)
(h/t to my fellow TUBA! member David Binford for the Youtube Videos)
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