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date: "2017-06-04"
title: Comal Community Band 2017 Seguin Concert in the Park
categories: ["media"]
tags: ["Comal Community Band"]
music: "Comal Community Band"
coverart: "/images/ccb.jpg"
I recorded videos of the American portion of the Comal Community Band concert on June 4, 2017 in Seguin, TX for the Seguin Concert in the Park Series.
Ronald Avery did a full Livestream of the concert, but much of the audio is muffled. This video can be viewed at
El Camino Real
{{<yutube Z6_n7Y6lhq4 200 >}}
Midway March
{{<yutube SMy92KjKGJY 200 >}}
World War I Medley
{{<yutube 1ZTKQqGuj4g 200 >}}
Jersey Boys
{{<yutube AfQxh18eWiY 200 >}}
Amparito Roca
{{<yutube _rztDSTC648 200 >}}
All Shook Up
{{<yutube xc1onA20du4 200 >}}
Big Fun in the Seguin
{{<yutube snUNe38ngmk 200 >}}
The Homefront
{{<yutube 2Shnb8_y6A4 200 >}}
Washington Post/Stars and Stripes Forever
{{<yutube zzUi2ndyOOM 200 >}}
date: "2017-06-04"
title: "Longhorn Band - 1988 Recording from Tape"
categories: ["media"]
tags: ["Longhorn Band"]
music: "Longhorn Band"
coverart: ""
- songs:
- title: "12th Street Rag"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-12thStreetRag.mp3"
- title: "Cats I - Jellicle Ball"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-CatsI%28JellicleBall%29.mp3"
- title: "Cats II - Memory"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-CatsII%28Memory%29.mp3"
- title: "Cats III - The Finale"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-CatsIII%28Finale%29.mp3"
- title: "Centennial I - Calypso"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-CentennialI%28Calypso%29.mp3"
- title: "Centennial I - Gould Fanfare"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-CentennialI%28GouldFanfare%29.mp3"
- title: "Centennial II - March/Swing"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-CentennialII%28March-Swing%29.mp3"
- title: "Centennial III - Finale"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-CentennialIII%28Finale%29.mp3"
- title: "Eyes/Texas Fight/William Tell/Grandiosos"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-Eye%2CFight%2CTell%2CMarch.mp3"
- title: "Hoedown"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-Hoedown.mp3"
- title: "Hogarths Hoedown"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-HogarthsHoedown.mp3"
- title: "March from 1941"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-Marchfrom1941.mp3"
- title: "March Grandioso"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-MarchGrandioso.mp3"
- title: "March of the Longhorns"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-MarchoftheLonghorns.mp3"
- title: "My Heart Belongs to Me"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-MyHeartBelongsToMe.mp3"
- title: "Olympic Fanfare"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-OlympicFanfare.mp3"
- title: "Once In a Lifetime"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-OnceInALifetime.mp3"
- title: "Griegs Medley"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-PhantomoftheOpera%2CNightonBaldMountain.mp3"
- title: "Silverado"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-Silverado.mp3"
- title: "Texas Fight"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-TexasFight.mp3"
- title: "The Eyes of Texas"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-TheEyesofTexas.mp3"
- title: "Wabash Cannonball"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-WabashCannonball.mp3"
- title: "The Yellow Rose of Texas"
url: "LHB/TheLonghornBand1988-YellowRoseofTexas.mp3"
In 1988, the University of Texas Longhorn Band released an audio cassette (yes, not a CD - a regular cassette tape) of a lot of the traditionals. Here is a reproduction of that original tape recording. I have the tape somewhere, but this collection came from one of my trombone brethren (but I can't seem to find the original site on the internet now-a-days).
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[Have I Been Pwned!]( - A site to check if your email address has been in most of the public breaches
[VirusTotal]( - Check Links or Files to see if it is a virus. This site checks your submission with 60+ AV engines. It also submits files to the next site for analysis.
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