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    5.02 · 793778c2
    JaxTeller718 authored
    -Fixed Remote Being Consumed on Radios
    -Fixed Record Player Turning into a Radio!
    -Removed Mod Slots from Flamethrower
    -Fixed Custom Rewards from Quests to IsFixed. Should be Selectable now
    -Fixed Description and Display Text on Miner
    -Increased Drop On Fossils
    -Gun Parts now Stack to 5
    -Removed Unneeded Salvaged Lathe Recipe and Schematic
    -Adjusted Trader Prices
    -Added Twine to Poncho
    -Burning Barrel No Longer Gives Light Bulbs Back
    -Doors No longer give back nails. Prying boards does.
    -Added Door Hinge to make doors and storage. Found by breaking doors and in stiffs and cardboard boxes.
    -Boxes of nuts, screws and nails can now be opened on your inventory
    -Hunting Knife now made with Basic Handle
    -Added Craftbale Dyes to Tailor Station
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