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New users guide added

We have added a new user's guide available in Microsoft Word format and
Adobe PDF format. This is a work in progress. Currently only the
"Reference" section is available. We will later add a "Tutorials and
Examples" and "Implementing New Protocols" sections.
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......@@ -70,6 +70,12 @@ Samsung36 Demonstrates how to expand the library without recompiling it.
DirecTV Demonstrates additional protocol for DirecTV
GIcable Demonstrates additional protocol for GIcable used by Motorola cable boxes
Note: I did not port any of the other demo sketches although I may add IRTest later.
The manuals directory contains:
IRLibReference.docx Reference manual in Microsoft Word format
IRLibReference.pdf Reference manual in Adobe PDF format
Online version of this manual is also available at:
The library handles the following protocols:
NEC, Sony, RC5, RC6, Raw all of which were supported in the KS version.
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