Commit 51770c33 authored by Jarek Ostrowski's avatar Jarek Ostrowski

Forgot the twitter keys

parent e1fa26f4
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......@@ -17,10 +17,10 @@ var os = require('os')
var Twitter = require('twitter');
var twitter = new Twitter({
consumer_key: 'yAxbdV6Cuf1FlqGVVjVpYHJct',
consumer_secret: '7CCC5TD6tPy3zvtqabbpJ0W1cfB1vCyh9Na0RM3VjlQCzpmmcz',
access_token_key: '971480509992919046-Rts6A7l6sVdNmDndJjPMFtkAViDRnKN',
access_token_secret: '1ehPblIQSL6oUuxg5kyGKX4cgEcmk6N9TgQT06LgrqKtS'
consumer_key: process.env.TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY,
consumer_secret: process.env.TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET,
access_token_key: process.env.TWITTER_TOKEN_KEY,
access_token_secret: process.env.TWITTER_TOKEN_SECRET
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