Avoid addressing person with 'me' (when 'you' is used elsewhere)

Signed-off-by: Jan-Christoph Borchardt's avatarJan-Christoph Borchardt <hey@jancborchardt.net>
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......@@ -406,7 +406,7 @@ This often occurs with apps installed via Google Play or other sources, if they
<string name="nearby_splash__download_apps_from_people_nearby">No Internet? Get apps from people near you!</string>
<string name="nearby_splash__find_people_button">Find people near me</string>
<string name="nearby_splash__find_people_button">Find people nearby</string>
<string name="nearby_splash__both_parties_need_fdroid">Both parties need %1$s to use nearby.</string>
<string name="swap_nfc_title">Touch to swap</string>
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