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# thermostat
# Thermostat (Under construction)
This is a personal project where I'm creating a *smart* thermostat. The idea
is to make a *dumb* thermostat where you can change the setpoint over
**bluetooth**. A small computer like the Raspberry Pi communicates with this
*dumb* thermostat over bluetooth to make the *dumb* thermostat *smart*.
Theoretically it is possible to let just a computer like the Raspberry Pi
control the heating, but I don't trust computers enough to let them do the
control of something like that directly.
## pic18f452 : dumb thermostat
[schematic diagram](
## raspberry pi : smart thermostat
## Raspberry Pi : smart thermostat
JAVA Spring Boot program that:
* communicates with *dumb* thermostat over bluetooth
* checks if a user is home by checking smartphone/bluetooth
* creates a webinterface at port 8080
* reads the outside temperature from (hard coded at the moment
* use the outside temperature to lower the setpoint if it's warm outside
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