Commit b3af2296 authored by Jan Wagemakers's avatar Jan Wagemakers

html2text fix

parent 198bcb63
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ echo "<pre>" >> $HTML
START="Laatste update"
END="Het weer, in je broekzak!"
a="$(wget --user-agent "$USERAGENT" -qO - \
| html2text -style pretty -width 64 -ascii -nobs)"
| html2text -width 64 -nobs | grep -v getObservationBelgiumMap.php | grep -v '/services/' | sed 's#\*\+#\n#g')"
a="$(echo "${a#*"$START"}")"
echo "$START${a%%"$END"*}" >> $HTML
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