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  • PreAlpha0.14   Tagging for version 0.14

    ETCARSx64.exe - Windows Installer

    ETCARSx64.zip - Linux Shared Object

    From this version and forward, only 64-bit platforms will be supported. It is unfortunate, however, much needed. This will allow us to bring more features and further the production of ETCARS.

    Now the documentation and the repository will match with versions and commits.

    The documentation is 90% completed and minor changes may be introduced down the road.

  • PreAlpha0.1   This is a pre-alpha version that can be used, but may be unstable.


    Files Included:

    Pre-Alpha 0.1/x86/Debug/ETCARS.dll - 32 bit , debug , plugin
    Pre-Alpha 0.1/x86/Debug/ETCARS.pdb - 32 bit , debug , symbols
    Pre-Alpha 0.1/x86/Release/ETCARS.dll - 32 bit , release , plugin

    Pre-Alpha 0.1/x64/Debug/ETCARS.dll - 64 bit , debug , plugin
    Pre-Alpha 0.1/x64/Debug/ETCARS.pdb - 64 bit , debug , symbols
    Pre-Alpha 0.1/x64/Release/ETCARS.dll - 64 bit , release , plugin

    To Use:
    Place either the debug dll or the release dll for the correct version of either Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator into the respective plugins folder.


    steamapps/common/Euro Truck Simulator 2/bin/win_x86/plugins -> Pre-Alpha 0.1/x86/Release/ETCARS.dll

    steamapps/common/Euro Truck Simulator 2/bin/win_x64/plugins -> Pre-Alpha 0.1/x64/Release/ETCARS.dll

    steamapps/common/American Truck Simulator/bin/win_x86/plugins -> Pre-Alpha 0.1/x86/Release/ETCARS.dll

    steamapps/common/American Truck Simulator/bin/win_x64/plugins -> Pre-Alpha 0.1/x64/Release/ETCARS.dll

    Once the dll is copied, you should receive a "Advanced Features" popup in-game. If you don't, you did something wrong. Once the game is loaded and the dll is loaded successfully, you can connect using putty to make sure the plugin is working.(localhost:30001, raw)