1. 20 May, 2018 1 commit
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      Alternate method for new Reddit · 879c2e3b
      Jamie Scaife authored
      As noted in 9251a75e, the new Reddit design seems to be using randomised class names for everything on the page.
      I can't really see a reason for this, I'm not sure whether it's deliberate obfuscation (probably not), or something to do with the framework behind it. Whatever it is, it makes stuff like this extension slightly more difficult as it's not possible to easily pick out the links that you're looking for.
      The new method above simply searches all links on the page, except for those to Reddit itself. This doesn't provide whitelisting for link titles, which is something I'd like and am looking in to. Link titles should always be to Reddit itself, but it's a bit disconcerting to be clicking on something when it's not whitelisted.
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      Merge pull request #2 from joker314/patch-1 · 256dd609
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      Fixed console error related to function calling as reported by @joker314 in issue #1 
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      Fix #1 · b7873b92
      jokebookservice1 authored
      I haven't tested this but it's almost guaranteed to work.
      Ooh also this supports loads of browsers, whereas ECMA6 syntax, arrow functions, would be more concise but at the cost of browser support (for things like IE, which doesn't support this format of extension anyway...)
      (Other syntax, for the record, is `() => setTimeout(...)`
      And just in case GitHub didn't get it from the title, this issue fixes #1
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