1. 22 Oct, 2020 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'feature/autoconfigure-editor' into 'develop' · a6e17207
      Jamie Tanna authored
      Add support for auto-configuring the editor based on what the Micropub server supports
      Closes #218
      See merge request !204
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      Remove duplication in `EditorControllerTest` · 34f2dc45
      Jamie Tanna authored
      By providing helper methods, we can reduce a lot of duplicated code that
      does not need to be duplicated.
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      Add autoconfiguration of editor based on `q=post-types` · 011bb966
      Jamie Tanna authored
      One of the key benefits of Micropub exposing what post types it supports
      is that it allows clients to only show the posts that they support.
      However, I want to go one step further than this, and to only render the
      post types, and the properties, that are supported by my Micropub
      This requires a new `AutoconfiguringService` which can retrieve the
      `post-types` from the given Micropub endpoint.
      We should parse the data returned by the endpoint and makes sure that
      we provide an easier experience for the consuming class/template (i.e.
      knowing whether a property is required or not), and then present that to
      the user.
      We can also remove the functionality exposed on `/custom` to provide
      posts that are now supported natively with the `/autoconfiguring`
      Closes #218.
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      Replace the root editor controller with a `/custom` controller · 24b093f1
      Jamie Tanna authored
      Because we want to have a number of endpoints on the service, it makes
      sense to split out the root controller, which should ideally just be
      "what is this and how do I log in", and then link out to the `/custom`
      endpoint which provides any custom posts that I want to create.
      As part of a prefactor for #218.
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      Advertise the `mp-photo-alt` property when photos are returned · d05ea2dc
      Jamie Tanna authored
      As it is a mandatory field when there is a photo provided, it makes
      sense to hint to the consumer, as well as making it required when a
      `photo` is required.
      Required as part of #218.
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      Add `h` to `q=post-types` · a90b0d0f
      Jamie Tanna authored
      For an autoconfiguring editor (such as #218) a client needs some way of
      knowing what the `h` should be set to.
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