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    Add webhook for mapping Webmention.io to push notifications · 0bdc8cdf
    Jamie Tanna authored
    Instead of regularly checking my notifications channel on Microsub, I
    ideally want push notifications to let me know as soon as I've been
    interacted with.
    Because we already have PushBullet notifications for post-deploy, we can
    re-use it here, integrating with Webmention.io's webhook functionality.
    - We can't do the actual policing of the token within Spring Security,
      as it + Spring doesn't make reading the request body too easy, so
      that'll be a follow-up (#115).
    - We can return more helpful error messages for integration, in case we
      require debugging
    - By having a separate `WebmentionToNotificationConverter` class we can
      map the requests more easily to the push notifications
    - Deploy it on `develop` builds
    Closes #114.
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