Commit 96569dea authored by Jamie Tanna's avatar Jamie Tanna

Don't paginate taxonomy terms

It doesn't make much sense to paginate the list of taxonomy terms,
although there are quite a few of them, as it then means that a user
has to flip through many pages just to find a term they're interested

As part of
parent 16bbca78
......@@ -3,22 +3,11 @@
<h1>{{ .Title }}</h1>
<div class="catalogue">
{{- range (.Paginate .Data.Pages).Pages -}}
{{- range .Data.Pages -}}
<li><a href="{{ .Permalink }}">{{ .Title }}</a></li>
{{- end -}}
<div class="pagination">
{{- if .Paginator.HasPrev -}}
<a href="{{ .Paginator.Prev.URL }}" class="left arrow">&#8592;</a>
{{- end -}}
{{- if .Paginator.HasNext -}}
<a href="{{ .Paginator.Next.URL }}" class="right arrow">&#8594;</a>
{{- end -}}
<span>{{ .Paginator.PageNumber }}</span>
{{ end }}
\ No newline at end of file
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