Commit 1019a3d7 authored by Jamie Tanna's avatar Jamie Tanna

Add `u-uid` to posts

As part of, we want to add `u-uid` markup to mark the
canonical URL for the post. This needs to take into account the fact
that we may override the canonical URL for the post, as well as being
the live site URL.
parent a398edd0
......@@ -21,6 +21,14 @@
<div class="hidden">
<p>This post's permalink is <a class="u-url" href="{{ .Site.Params.LiveSiteUrl }}{{ .URL }}">{{ .Site.Params.LiveSiteUrl }}{{ .URL }}</a> and has the following summary:</p>.
<blockquote class="p-summary">{{ .Description }}</blockquote>
<p>The canonical URL for this post is
{{ if .Params.Canonical_Url }}
<a class="u-uid" href="{{ .Params.Canonical_Url }}">{{ .Params.Canonical_Url }}</a>
{{ else }}
<a class="u-uid" href="{{ .Site.Params.LiveSiteUrl }}{{ .URL }}">{{ .Site.Params.LiveSiteUrl }}{{ .URL }}</a>
{{ end }}
<p>Written by <a class="p-author h-card p-name u-url" href="{{ .Site.Params.LiveSiteUrl }}">{{ }}</a> on <strong><time class="dt-published" datetime="{{ .PublishDate }}">{{ dateFormat "02 January 2006" .PublishDate }}</time></strong>
{{- if .GitInfo -}}
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