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    Create a Netlify redirect for Hugo Aliases · 017a2aa3
    Jamie Tanna authored
    As part of, I want to be redirecting these using HTTP 301s,
    rather than using a client-side redirect, as then it's not going to be
    cached, and will impact SEO.
    This generates 301s for each and every alias on the site, and the `!`
    indicates to redirect whether something else matches that path or not,
    as it'd be matched by Hugo's built-in aliases, which we'll leave
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    Merge branch 'feature/netlify-aliases' into 'fork' · ab9aaae8
    Jamie Tanna authored
    Create a Netlify redirect for Hugo Aliases
    See merge request !128
    ab9aaae8* {{.Site.Params.liveSiteUrl}}/:splat 301!* {{.Site.Params.liveSiteUrl}}/:splat 301!
{{ range $p := $.Site.RegularPages -}}
{{ range .Aliases }}
{{ . | printf "%-35s" }} {{ $p.RelPermalink -}} 301!
{{ end -}}
{{- end -}}