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      Merge branch 'feature/nickname-contact' into 'fork' · c4cd7137
      Jamie Tanna authored
      Add `nickname` to the contacts' metadata
      See merge request !225
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      Add `nickname` to the contacts' metadata · 3b5aa0e2
      Jamie Tanna authored
      Instead of using the filename itself, which then won't help as well with
      Micropub, as it wouldn't be stored anywhere in the `HugoMicroformats2`
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      Merge branch 'feature/contacts' into 'fork' · 2ebecd23
      Jamie Tanna authored
      Add public listing of contacts for `q=contact`
      See merge request !224
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      Add public listing of contacts for `q=contact` · 32d0724b
      Jamie Tanna authored
      As part of www-api#105, I want to implement contact management for my
      site without having to manually push the config myself.
      As well as being able to add contacts, I also want to allow other
      clients to consume it, so need to generate this static content that can
      then be proxied via Micropub.
      Because we want to have a URL that can be utilised by Micropub for
      updates, and may as well have it as a real page on the site. So we need
      to migrate the existing content in a data template to a regular section.
      While migrating them, we should migrate them to a format that is
      allowable under a `HugoMicroformats2` representation, so it's easier to
      work with in Micropub, as well as if we want to migrate them to a
      different site in the future.
      However, we will not implement the actual pages for now, leaving it to
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