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Also add a quick note about what I've learned from my talk.
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......@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@ I was truly humbled to be a part of the event as a speaker - there were some rea
There were some really awesome talks here! I've documented each of the talks I attended, in chronological order, and am looking at [follow-up articles][milestone-hackference] for a few of the talks that I had some extra content and thoughts for on top of.
Update 8 Feb: [The talks have been uploaded and can be viewed as a YouTube playlist][hackference-youtube-playlist].
### So I heard you like engineering.. - Jonathan Kingsley
Jonathan spoke about the impending doom of the insecurity of tech everywhere, largely due to engineers not fully understanding security and its implications, especially on devices that may be unable to update often. He also took us through the (slightly redacted) process of hacking a drone in order to make it perform a flip when whisling.
......@@ -31,7 +33,9 @@ Although I'd done variations on this talk a couple of times previously at Capita
I'd also had a few engagements post-talk regarding the best ways to use Chef, including how to build it into your pipelines, for which I was able to share some insight from my previous work with it.
The Reveal.JS slides for my talk can be found served on [GitLab pages][chef-talk-slides].
The Reveal.JS slides for my talk can be found served on [GitLab pages][chef-talk-slides], and the [video recording uploaded][hackference-youtube-jamie].
Update 8 Feb: After reviewing my recorded talk, I'm overall pretty happy with how the talk was given. I've found a number of tweaks that can be applied for future iterations of the talk, for instance to make the Chef concepts and terminology more clear.
### Hardware Hacking for JavaScript Developers - Tim Perry
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license: GPLv3
Learn about how Configuration Management can be performed in a test-first manner (in these examples) using Chef, in a talk full of food puns. I'll discuss how investing time into the manner in which your application is deployed is almost as important as the software that is deployed.
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