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Blogument `netlify` branch deployments

Plus update the previous GitLab CI + Netlify article to inform.
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**Update 2** as of [2018-09-10](, the `netlify` Node CLI is back to being the preferred commandline interface for Netlify.
**Update 3** as of [2020-06-03]({{< ref 2020-06-03-netlify-cli-branch >}}) it is now possible to use the `netlify` Node CLI to perform branch-based deployments, which is a great fit for using with GitLab review apps - if you're able to predict the full URL Netlify uses, that is.
Since I migrated my [meetups + conference talks repo][gl-talks] to Reveal.JS, I've found that I've been wanting to have a branch spun up with the talk's content at a publically accessible URL, exactly how [I have configured Review Apps][review-apps] for my personal site.
However, as I was using GitLab pages, I wasn't able to get this functionality working (and it [likely will not be configured upstream][gl-pages-review]). Recently I've been hearing a lot about [Netlify], which made this a perfect opportunity to see what everyone was raving about.
title: "Deploying a Branch to Netlify on the Command-Line"
description: "How to use Netlify's Node CLI to deploy a given branch to Netlify."
- blogumentation
- netlify
- netlify-cli
license_code: Apache-2.0
license_prose: CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0
date: 2020-06-03T19:40:19+0100
slug: "netlify-cli-branch"
image: /img/vendor/netlify-full-logo-white.png
I'm very excited to say that the Netlify CLI tool ([<i class="fa fa-github"></i>&nbsp;netlify/cli]( [now]( has the ability to deploy a branch on the command-line.
This has been a feature request since [at least 2018]( and has been greatly anticipated from the community, and I've been wanting to use it for some time when using [GitLab CI]({{< ref 2018-04-12-gitlab-ci-netlify >}}) pipelines.
As of [netlify-cli@2.53.0](, it's now possible to deploy using the `-b $branchName` flag:
% netlify deploy -b wibble
Deploy path: /home/jamie/workspaces/talks/public
Configuration path: /home/jamie/workspaces/talks/netlify.toml
Deploying to draft URL...
✔ Finished hashing 286 files
✔ CDN requesting 0 files
✔ Finished uploading 0 assets
✔ Deploy is live!
Website Draft URL:
If everything looks good on your draft URL, deploy it to your main site URL with the --prod flag.
netlify deploy --prod
This is super exciting, and will help help folks deploying from Continuous Integration platforms, or with use cases where they don't want to use Netlify's Webhook integrations.
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