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title: "Week Notes 20#20"
description: "What happened in the week of 2020-05-10?"
- week-notes
license_code: Apache-2.0
license_prose: CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0
date: 2020-05-17T22:49:40+0100
slug: "week-notes-20"
series: week-notes
- Had a really relaxed weekend:
- Got basically zero chores done
- Had a super sleepy Saturday - woke up late, spent most of the day watching _Modern Family_, and had just a nice time
- Had a very frustrating delivery from [Desi Downtown]( which kinda ruined the nice relaxed Saturday we were having - food arriving 2 hours after we ordered it, almost an hour after "it will be there in 10 minutes", isn't great. But food was lovely, so there's that
- Had a nice catchup with the family on Saturday
- Three meetups this week, but was fairly disappointed - low attendance/not the most engaging, wondering if that's just down to my state of mind this week
- Did a few changes on my site - largely menu/usability related
- Morph had the cutest little sneeze attack the other day, about 6 in a row
- Started to watch _Modern Family_
- Watched _The Man from U.N.C.L.E._ which was definitely not what I expected, but was pretty good. Made me think I should really rewatch _Atomic Blonde_
- Not much reading this week - it's been pretty busy with late nights, so haven't wanted to read, too, but just get to bed
- Further blog post to be written but migrating between GitLab CI and Netlify build pipelines has sunk a fair bit of my time, for not much reward, it seems
- Further blog post to be written, but spent some time doing some string parsing with Ruby that made me feel like I was in a whiteboard interview
- Found listening to the song radio for _Beyond the Heliosphere_ (mentioned in last week's notes) during work to be super helpful for relaxing
- Had a few nice walks
- Got my first prod deploy for the shared library - yay!
- Enjoying Season 5 of _Apex Legends_ so far, as things have definitely changed a lot, and enjoying playing Mirage's new setup (although I'm a big Mirage fan anyway) and Loba's been quite a fun change to the game
- Been a little pressured to get the treasure packs each day, which is especially painful having to reboot to play it - maybe PCI passthrough will finally happen?
- Friday wasn't my most productive day, so I found myself playing a game of Apex during lunch - first time I've done a mid-day game!
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