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Test: Downcase ChefSpec tag

This was caught as it would conflict with the tags in the Permission denied ChefSpec article, and therefore we need to fix it here, and keep tags in a downcase format.
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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ layout: post
title: 'Testing `include_recipe`s with Chef and ChefSpec'
description: How to best test `include_recipe`s within your Chef recipes, as well as how to ensure that you aren't running any dependent recipes in your tests.
categories: finding
tags: finding chef tdd ChefSpec
tags: finding chef tdd chefspec
While writing cookbooks, both personally and professionally, I practice a heavy use of TDD to ensure that the recipes are doing what I expect them to. As part of this, I will want to test both standard resources, as well as `include_recipe`s:
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