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"kind" : "bookmarks",
"slug" : "2020/01/jyi0r",
"client_id" : "",
"date" : "2020-01-24T11:12:00Z",
"h" : "h-entry",
"properties" : {
"name" : [ "Anybody can write good bash (with a little effort)" ],
"bookmark-of" : [ "" ],
"published" : [ "2020-01-24T11:12:00Z" ],
"category" : [ "command-line", "shell", "bash" ],
"content" : [ {
"html" : "",
"value" : "I used to write a lot of shell scripts before realising that what I was trying to do was treat shell scripting as a \"full\" scripting language (I won't define here what I mean by \"full\").\n\nIts not - reach for a higher level scripting language like Ruby or Python when things are getting more complicated, and allow shell scripts to glue things together, or be for quick tasks maybe a few lines long.\n\nWhen you do write them, this advice is great but it's definitely worth gaining understanding of when you should and shouldn't use them."
} ]
"tags" : [ "command-line", "shell", "bash" ]
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