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Add note about manual link parsing for Webmentions

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......@@ -45,3 +45,5 @@ I was really happy with this process, as it managed to save me some time in impl
At some point I'll embrace [the plurality principle]( and implement this all myself, but until then, thanks folks for making it easier for me to get up and running!
And even better is the fact that this took me all of about 5 hours' work to get going (largely slowed down by the fact that I couldn't get asynchronous processing working because I was editing the wrong Spring configuration file in my project!)
**Update 2019-09-14**: Unfortunately following this post I found that actually, not all my webmentions were being sent. This was due to the way that was parsing the links in the page, which wasn't quite how I wanted it to be done. I preferred the idea that I could send a Webmention for anything on the page, which meant that my likes/RSVPs/etc would work, as well as be able to auto syndicate posts. This is now a much better workflow for me, but required I utilise the [jsoup]( project to handily parse the HTML for each of the pages. This still uses under the hood to send webmentions for links, so I don't have to do Webmention endpoint discovery.
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