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Add link from homepage to "why"

As it makes sense for someone reading my h-card to want to know why it's

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title: "Why"
description: "Why is this site Why do I use www.?"
description: "Why is this site Why do I use www.? All will be explained."
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<p>I use my site as a method of blogging about my learnings, as well as sharing information about projects I have previously, or are currently, working on in my spare time.</p>
<p>I'm a GNU/Linux user, a big advocate for the Free Software Movement, and I try to self host my own services where possible, instead of relying on other providers.</p>
<p>Drop me an email at <a class="u-email" href=""></a>, or using any of the other social links below.</p>
<p>Want to know why my site is Check out my post <a href="/posts/2019/05/26/why-wwwjvtme/"><em>Why</em></a>.</p>
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