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Add visualisation of posting frequency

As part of #534, I want to make it easier to visualise how often I post
content, of all content types.

For now, look at it in terms of:

- per hour
- per day
- per day of the week
- per month

And will see if there are any other interesting pieces of data I want to
present in the future.

This requires generating the actual counts of data, which I can do using
a custom output format's template, and then render it using Chart.JS.

Plus, add an announcement post.

Closes #534.
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......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ paginate = 25
tags = "/tags/:title/"
home = ["HTML", "RSS", "jsonFeed"]
home = ["HTML", "RSS", "jsonFeed", "postFrequency"]
section = ["HTML", "Calendar"]
......@@ -49,6 +49,9 @@ baseName = "feed"
mediaType = "application/json"
baseName = "feed"
mediaType = "application/json"
baseName = "post-frequency"
# disable stupid "smart" quotes
title: Post Frequency
How often do I actually post things? I found this would be interesting to see and to determine just how much and how often I post. Below you can see the breakdown:
{{< partial "post-visualisation.html" >}}
title: "Visualising My Posting Habits"
description: "Adding the capability to my site to enable visualisation of how often I post content."
license_code: Apache-2.0
license_prose: CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0
date: 2019-07-09T22:44:33+0100
slug: "post-visualisation"
- text: IndieNews
- text: /en/indieweb
For a while now I've been looking at getting some insight into how often I post content to this site for two reasons - purely for interest, and to watch how it changes over time.
With this post, you can now go over to [/post-frequency/](/post-frequency/) to see the latest graphical breakdown of my posting content - I'd recommend it to know what's actually being talked about!
To generate these charts, I've created a Hugo template that generates a set of counts for each of the content types that I regularly publish (i.e. ignoring static content like events or talks), which is then rendered by [Chart.JS]( as a line chart.
Some interesting pieces of data I've gleaned from the stats as they currently sit:
- I post more content either early evening or just before bed
- I seemingly post a lot on the 7th of the month, but not much on the 8th, 21st or 27th
- Thursdays and Sundays are my most popular days
- March is my most productive month of content - most likely because I usually take a week's holiday over my birthday, so I end up writing a lot while I'm off
I'm looking forward to keep an eye on the way that my content publishing changes over time, i.e. with the use of [Micropub]( for posting from anywhere.
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