Commit 3bae85f7 authored by Jamie Tanna's avatar Jamie Tanna

Add note about fixing redirect issues in previous week notes

parent 22e76345
......@@ -36,3 +36,4 @@ Some late days at work, and not much reading:
- Been pretty bad with keeping up with correspondence this week
- Fixed a few issues with infinite redirects on my site due to [_Gotcha: Netlify Makes All Your Filenames Case-Insensitive_]({{< ref 2019-11-11-gotcha-netlify-lowercase >}})
- Slowly making more progress on the Micropub server rewrite with validation management, but there's still a lot to go before I can even start thinking about testing it even on my staging site
- Fixed a tonne of redirect issues that have been around for a while, and Adoni mentioned, which have caused infinite redirects - now fixed and more of my site is accessible again
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