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Update Webmention notifications post to note move to Pushover

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......@@ -27,3 +27,5 @@ This isn't quite as interactive as you'd want, especially as these could be used
This Webhook hits the newly created `` endpoint with a shared secret (to prevent spam) and then sends a push notification via [PushBullet](, which I currently use to notify me when my site has deployed.
You can see the code changes required on the [Merge Request on _Add webhook for mapping to push notifications_](
**Update 2020-01-28**: Since [finding out I can only send 100 messages a month]( with Pushbullet, I have since replaced it with Pushover, [after getting some good recommendations]( for it. You can see the code changes required to add Pushover [Merge Request on _Use Pushover for Webmention notifications_](
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