Commit 0a552f39 authored by Jamie Tanna's avatar Jamie Tanna

Add announcement for ability to write notes

Plus syndicate to IndieNews and

Closes #443.
parent a47ecca3
"date": "2019-05-06T21:57:22+0100",
"title": "Extending to allow for other post types",
"content": "Welcome to my first! Notes are short-form content that will be purely plain text (for now!) and are similar to tweets on Twitter or toots on Mastodon, but won't be size limited.\n\nI've been wanting to creating other post types since starting to use and having a social feed. I've found that I want to interact with other posts, such as like or repost others' content, much as I would do with Twitter.\n\nDiscoverability of notes currently aren't super amazing, but I'm tackling it as part of because adding these post types was a large enough piece of work.\n\nWith this note, I'll now be able to,,,, and\n\nRSVPs are an interesting one, because the end goal I want is for my RSVPs to be syndicated from this site to i.e.\n\nI'm hoping to work on bringing support to this site, too, but as it's a static site with and hosted on with a full build/test/deploy pipeline, it'll be a little less straightforward, and slower, than other solutions.\n\nI've designed the content schema to be Micropub-first, as I want to be writing these posts using a Micropub client, rather than my usual workflow. I've made the source files JSON files (which Hugo natively supports) which makes them easily machine writeable - hopefully it'll teach me to prioritise my Micropub support so I don't have to manually write JSON!\n\nIn terms of licensing, I'm going to start by them in line with my posts, as, but down the line I may look at other licenses.",
"slug": "6b919e78-c46a-48e3-8866-9d9e9d41bb3d",
"summary": "Announcing support for posting notes to my website.",
"syndication": [
"text": "IndieNews",
"url": ""
"text": "/en/indieweb",
"url": ""
"tags": [
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