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Add note about working on old codebase

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......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ A pretty frustrating week at work, leading to the end of the quarter. As it was
- It's been good so far, but somehow hasn't magically fixed my back. That's annoying 🤷
- My back has been hurting a little this week, and I think it's because my back is actually
- Had to step in to pick up a few things at work as there wasn't much capacity from other folks. However, it's meant I've been able to work on a few things that I'd wanted to do anyway, and has given me a bit more code than I'd expected.
- I've been working on one of the codebases of the service I used to support on my old team, and it's amazing just how much I've grown technically in the last 9 months. A number of things that used to look good are now, really not so good, and there are some really good opportunities in there to make the project better. It's really nice to see how far I've come since then, as I've written a lot of that not-so-good code!
- Really good [DevOps Notts on Tuesday](/mf2/2020/07/ahp2f/) with some great talks by some awesome people, about a number of topics around Diversity in Tech
- Although all the talks were very good, I'd recommend [Anna's talk]( and [Carol's talk](
- A really good Women In Tech Nottingham
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