1. 18 Mar, 2019 4 commits
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      Verify that Webmention endpoint is well formed · 5869415c
      Jamie Tanna authored
      To ensure that I don't accidentally break my Webmention discovery in the
      future, I want to use my newfound power with HTMLProofer's custom
      `Check`s to catch future regressions in the metadata.
      Note that we only check this on the home page as that's the important
      place that a client would be looking it up - other pages may be valid,
      but this is the key one.
      Closes #386.
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      Merge branch 'feature/display-webmentions' into 'master' · f971b2c0
      Jamie Tanna authored
      Render sent webmentions + add announcement post
      Closes #352
      See merge request !262
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      Add post announcing Webmention rendering · 3c089462
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      As part of #352.
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      Render sent webmentions · 6fb5bb1e
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      From the commit to the theme:
      	Now I've connected Brid.gy and am starting to get more
      	interactions with Webmentions, I need to start displaying these
      	Webmentions for site viewers to see.
      	For likes, we should render a facepile[0] because it doesn't
      	matter as much how they've liked, just that they have.
      	However for other webmentions, we do want to have a list of the
      	author and a link to the webmention.
      	For each of the webmentions, we want a separate partial that can
      	be composed easily.
      	Additionally, we can the partial's context to render a slice of
      Additionally, we want to pull a default of 100 webmentions per page, as
      that should pick up plenty - at time of writing, the most webmentions
      for a post is 34!
      Closes #352.
      [0]: https://indieweb.org/facepile
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  3. 16 Mar, 2019 1 commit
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      Update hCard article · a1c1580c
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      It turns out it didn't read amazingly - who knew that writing blog posts
      when tired and distracted isn't great?!
      Follow-up to #349.
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