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"draft" : false,
"h" : "h-entry",
"properties" : {
"syndication" : [ "" ],
"syndication" : [ "" ],
"photo" : [ {
"alt" : "A photo of a Jamie's desk setup in \"home\" mode. The desk is a Fully Jarvis sit-stand desk, with a dark bamboo top and black legs. Around the desk position is a set of surround sound speakers. There is a microphone arm in the left hand side corner of the desk, and a headphones stand in front of it. On the desk, there is a nebula themed large mouse-and-keyboard pad, on top of which is a WASD Keyboard v3 keyboard (in bright white, green, orange and light blue colours), and a Logtech MX Master mouse. There are two screens, using an Ergotron dual monitor mount. The left hand side screen is a Dell UltraSharp (4k) 27\" USB-C Hub Monitor - U2722DE, and the right hand side screen is an Asus PB287Q 28\" 4K Monitor. Above the left hand side monitor is a Logitech C922 webcam. On both screens, the background image is a waterfall into a natural enclosed pool. Below the desk you can see an Ethernet switch on the right which unfortunately isn't yet cable tidied, as well as a USB hub that's also visible and not-yet-tidied, on the left. There is also a little bit of mess and some shelves on the right hand side of the image that couldn't be cropped out easily.",
"photo" : ""
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