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......@@ -29,6 +29,13 @@ Birthday week!
- Got some lovely presents from everyone
- We've made some great progress with the house being prepared for Ella, and I even got around to strimming the lawn, which looks much nicer
- Enjoyed a lot of Quordle together
- May have saved a bee's life this evening at my parents'
- While in the bathroom earlier, I heard a persistent buzzing, and wondered if maybe a bee was stuck in the fan?
- Turns out the bee was caught in a spider web, and was in the process of a spider further binding it in web / maybe trying to eat it
- I managed to find a wrapping paper roll - which was needed to get me the right length of implement to reach the web - and knocked the bee and spider down
- Then ran downstairs, and managed to pick up the bee - still in web - and get it out of the gap in the guttering it fell into, and shoo away the spider
- Then took ~15 minutes to try and slowly de-web the bee, and get it comfortable that it was free
- Unfortunately one leg was a bit damaged, and I'm not sure it had much energy left, so left some water and honey out for it, and 🤞 it will drink some and be safe, but may have died by the morning
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